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Bergen HEMA

Bergen HEMA is one of Norway’s premiere Historical European Martial Arts clubs, dedicated to the study of German longsword after the Johannes Liechtenauer tradition.

Historical European Martial Arts refers to the study and practice of European combat systems dating from the medieval ages all the way up to the late 19th century. The main focus for most practitioners is some form of sword fighting, but people also train dagger, wrestling, boxing and spear fighting, among other things.


We are currently training on Thursdays from 17.00 – 19.00 at Årstad VGS


Everyone who trains regularly with Bergen HEMA must pay our training fee. This can be done either per semester or per year, for the following prices:

One semester: 800 kr

One year: 1300 kr

Note that the price for the beginners’ course is the same as the normal training fee for one semester. Beginners can also choose to pay for a full year, if they want to.

When one pays the training fee, the membership fee is also included. It is, however, also possible to pay the membership fee of 100 kr separately, if one wishes to be a support member.

As member you have the right to attend and vote during Bergen HEMA’s annual general meeting.

Payments are made either directly to Bergen HEMAs bank account or through Vipps.

Bergen HEMA’s bank account: 1503.51.02563

Bergen HEMA’s Vipps number: 621208


You can reach us on or our Facebook page. Feel free to write in English!